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April 1- Major repairs and upgrades after a server move last week. The service is back online and functional... more details
Aug 8 - moved to a different server and reactivated. It is now better, faster and features new lists... more details
Mar 22 - Save $50 on Domain-Retriever and receive a month of Ultra service free... more details
Jan 22 - offers domain registrations for only $8.50... more details
Jan 15 - Search API is now available for approved domain-related web sites.... more details
Jan 8 - is online and fully operational. Tell us what.... more details

- Live Expired Domain Search
- Live Domain Name Reports offers the world's most frequently updated expired, on-hold and expiring soon domain name search and reporting tools.

We license our raw lists from the best in expired domain business,, and use our dedicated network to process and report the data.

Best of all, the services offered here are 100% free so enjoy!

NEW! Now is up to 280% FASTER!

Coming soon: PR lists, RGP lists, Alexa Lists.

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